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Passage in Time 

Welcome to the website of Swiss Artist Simon Gregory powered by Conclu GmbH

ARTIST - SIMON GREGORY - Art for Sale /Rent/Hire - enquire by email only


Exhibition @ "Galerie Confluence" opened March 2023 featuring the work of Simon Gregory - 1 Rue Davel, Cully


5 International Swiss Artists

Located in the heart of one of the most beautiful landscapes in Switzerland, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Maison Buttin-de-Loës and its gardens offer a veritable balcony overlooking Lake Geneva and the Alps.

Permanent Exhibition

Located in the magnificent Buttin-des-Loes property in Grandvaux, this permanent exhibition celebrates 5 Swiss artists and presents the region as a cultural and constructed landscape, a place of life and a source of inspiration for artists of yesterday and today. 

Lavaux fine artist Simon Gregory is one of the contributors to this permanent exhibition alongside & among others international artist Caroline Bachmann and Stefan Banz  curator, artist and co-founder of the Kunsthalle Luzern 

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